Tilty post

I’m not really in a state of blogging. I am, in fact, spewing with rage and tilt after getting busted out of the Sunday Quater Million, when some DONK called with [J5s] and rivered a flush to boot my pocket Kings. “Sorry, I’m mad”, he goes…Mad?! is that reason to ruin my game?! What the f… is WRONG with people?!

Fairly early in the game, I managed to lose two thirds of my stack, then rebuilt to above average, thanks to a rush that included consecutive pocket Tens on the Button and in Cut-off.

Then another downswing and another rush of prime hands, ending with the pocket Kings that faired so poorly against a superior force. And to add insult to injury, I was actually left with a tiny stack on the BB: Folds to SB, who limped. I check with [T2o], flop another deuce for bottom pair. No need to slowplay that monster, so I push. SB flips [T4] for middle pair, and that was that.