Now is a good time anyway

Come tomorrow, I’ll be starting a new project. It’s huge, starting at two months of work but will probably end up three. The income will be about a quarter of a years income – “when times were good”money. There’s also a huge amount of post project consulting involved. So this is no small job, and certainly not something I can take litely.

The projects I’m mostly involved in take between one to four weeks, and usually means I can do most of the work from my home office. This job comes with two hours on the train a day. Can’t remember when I had a job to travel to last. Not like this, at least.

Of course it will probably affect my time at the tables. Which I don’t mind at all, the way things are running.

I think a break from poker – or at least a large cutback – will be good. Fortunately, I can still read on the train, and although it will not be poker theory every day, I get a chance to study the game and find out why I suck so much lately.

Well, I already know of one reason: My discipline has gone down the tube. I play when I shouldn’t , just because I have nothing better to do. Like last night – I was dead tired and actually nodded off between hands, yet  I kept playing.

Playing when you’re tired is like playing when you’re drunk. And I would never sit down and play if I was drunk (actually, I don’t drink except for the occasional beer ever other month, so the comparison is a bit weak, but you get the point). But I happily sign on every night when it should be bedtime, just because I enjoy being up, but am too tired to read or watch a movie. Wow, I guess I’m also too tired to know I’m too tired.

I tried one of those energy drinks the other day. Bad idea. What it did was to put me in a zombie state. I was wide awake on the outside, but my brain had already gone to bed. Sat up the whole night and lost a lot of mobneys. So that’s not an option for me.

Well, I actually have another deadline for a smallish project. It’s in a few hours so I’ll be talking to ya’ll real soon.