Not dead yet, just smell funky

Hi all,

I’ve been awfully quiet lately. Apart from dropping the odd comment here and there, I haven’t had much to report.

So I thought I’d drop in and let ya’ll know that things are going very well, pokerwise. Tonight was in fact a particularly fine night, despite the fact that I have a cold, possibly turning into a full fledged flu by tomorrow.

If I had that every day, I’d be a millionaire by Xmas, for sure! I’m making sick (heh! Had to put it in, somewhere) reads, especially against the weaker players.

This particular player, I ripped a new one over a few orbits, playing just about every hand he limped into. And that was just about every hand, he could play. Somehow my 74s, 22 and this little gem all got paid off. Nice!

I am also three-tabeling which suits me just fine. For a while, I noticed how I got bored over folding and waiting for my one table to deal again. Suddenly I was on Facebook or reading up on all your posts (damn, you bloggers are so active, I’m embarrassed – almost!).

Which is bad business, since I lose focus on what is happening at the table. So I decided to make sure I couldn’t leave the game for other stuff, and added a table. Then another, as two tables still didn’t do it for me.

I have room for one more table on my laptop, but I’m saving the last quadrant of space for hand histories and my music player (I’m a Winamp kind of guy, btw). This way I don’t have stuff opening on top of other – important stuff – which lowers the stress momentum considerably.

I am also strictly No Chat -business. Talk about stress relief! So if you see me and want to say hi, don’t worry, I’m not ignoring you, I just don’t see you.

Oh, here’s a hand from tonights session, that had me so puzzled, that I had to break out Pokerstove to see if I made the right play or what.