I suppose I should better write something

I finally found my wireless keyboard. It was stoved away in a moving box that hadn’t was packed a year ago, almost to the date. With it comes a stand that holds my laptop and allows me to view the screen like it was a real monitor.

There was meant to be a lot of poker going on tonight. Then Bastin managed to sidetrack that project by misquoting a poem by Charles Bukowski, called “To  the Whore Who Took My Poems“. That had me on Youtube for about an hour. Never realized there was so much Bukowski on Youtube. But there is.

I have been a great fan of Bukowski, ever since I read….uhm…can’t even remember what I read first, but it was damn fine. Probably “Post Office” or “Factotum”, one or the other. Didn’t read “Women” until the third book or so. Whatever. I have a large collection of Bukowski today, thanks to that.

As I was returning to Bastin to reply, it suddenly struck me, that Youtube has a way of making a clip start at a certain spot, like a minute and 34 seconds. That would be rather cool to do, linking straight to where he says the correct words.

I had no idea on how to do it though, so I had to research the proper way, which is to add “#t=01m20s” to the end of the URL for the clip. Of course replace the time code with your own.

So that took another while as well.

Then I somehow wandered into a fairly long 2002 phone interview with Dr. Hunter S. Thompson about the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

I clearly remember when I was taking the admission test to the school of Journalism. While I was sitting on a bench waiting, along with about a thousand other, to be allowed in to set up my small portable typewriter – electric – I saw this guy who was trying his hardest to look like Hunter Thompson.

I actually passed the exam, but he did not, which I thought was fair, for no other reason than I’ve always had a dislike for people who try to physically emulate their icons.

There are a lot of poker related Dr. Thompson wannabee bloggers around (No names mentioned, but you know who you are, you scum suckers), and I can safely say that the dislike hasn’t gone away. Oh, and don’t try to be like Charles Bukowski either, I’ll hate you just as much…

Which is a totally different story.

I still can’t wander into Hunter S. Thompson without getting lost. This time I ended up watching a BBC documentary from somewhere around 1978: “Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision“, which was still new to me, but took another 45 minutes to go through.

So about three full hours into what should have been my poker evening, I still hadn’t seen one card.

Oh what the hell…I may as well post a blog about it then.