Floatsam and Jetsam

“Involved in the hand is a known, but not well known player, who has been efficiently building his stack against a very weak table. His opponent is a completely unknown woman, who has to this point demonstrated exactly zero poker skills.”

Well, you just KNOW what’s going to happen, right? Trust me – It’s even better than that!

PokerShrink: Best WSOP “At the table” Story 2009

New on Flushdance: Tweets from the felt

For now, see it as an experiement, that began in the sidebar with a few selected twitter feeds from WSOP players I wanted to follow.

It just didn’t do the trick for me, so I found a WordPress plugin that would collect the twitter feeds and show them not only in the sidebar, but on a seperate archive page as well. Saves me from going to twitter all the time, just to see what’s new.

So far I’ve added Cardgrrl, Phil Hellmuth (always good for a laugh), Eric ‘Rizen’ Lynch , Daniel Negreanu and Hardboiled Poker

This is still very fresh off the press, so if you know of a player you like to see added to the list, by all means give me a shout at joxumpoker@gmail.comor in the comments box below.

Speaking of Twitter, my own Twitter feed is at twitter.com/joxum but don’t expect too many updates right here and now.

WordPress Easter Egg

(Non-Wordpress users may skip this section)

By accident, I managed to stubmle across a very hidden easter egg in WordPress (2.8, but probably works for older versions as well). I have no idea if this has been documented already, but it’s really cool:

To see it, go to the “post revision” section at the bottom of one of your posts. Select any version and go to the bottom of that page.

You should now see two rows of radio buttons, which allows you to compare versions against each other.

Compare a version to itself. Lower ze goggles and stand back.