Famous Last Words 19 & 20: The race card gets dealt

Not only can I not play poker, nobody feels like ridiculing me these days. Which suck when you have devoted an entire category to other players’ tilty behaviour.

First blow up was a few days ago. It’s nothing big, but I saved it for a rainy day. Nearly posted it yesterday, but then I got busy saving face.

I had [ATs] and somehow managed to get the money in. That didn’t make him none too happy. Unfortunately, Stars otherwise excellen rematch feature was down, due to a software mailfunction, so I couldn’t give him a rematch.

Okay then. This next one is a real gem, though: The story goes something like this: I was playing a sit’n go with half a table of really bad players, betting almost every other hand. So was our mark here. He was really bad and quickly became the short stack. I was in the hijack or something and picked up [A9s], six handed. Folded to me so naturally, I openraise. Folds to our friend who pushed with [AJ]. I think I got something like 3:1 or so to call, and losing wouldn’t cripple me, so I called it. And busted his ass. This is how he thanked me:

Famous Last Words 20

For a moment I thought of reporting him. I still do, in fact. But then again, if I report every donkey on tilt I encounter, This blog would be all the more boring to read…