Famous Last Words – If you can’t make them do it, do it yourself

I made a large bluff raise on the flop that got snap reraised all in, so I folded, even though it was only another 150 to call. So this guy, who wasn’t even in the hand goes “OMG – that’s chip dumping and it’s illegal, I’m calling the moderator”. I was just like: “Really?”. All the while, I was by now severely crippled and busted out a few hands later.

So I obliged and told him I’d be waiting around for the moderator, since chip dumping is illegal and all. So of course he starts backpaddling, but I decide to hang around anyway and heckle him for a bit, just for that.

I really don’t do this normally…really!

Oh, at least I was right – he did in fact bubble about 6 minutes later (Hell, I was writing this post anyway, so I kept the window open, just to see what happened).