Chasing air

Look at today’s index. A monument to bad play. I wish I could have said “Bad luck” or “bad weather”. Or anything that didn’t point the finger at me. But I can’t.

After a few days of upswing I was paid a visit by Nemesis, who sat on my shoulder all day like a bad stink, until I finally called it quits after busting out of three (3) consecutive $5 SnG’s.

I played ring games and had my ass kicked repeatedly, chasing and trying to bluff the unbluffable. Calling all-ins with top pair, top kicker and all kinds of loosey goosey shit, that I KNOW I shouldn’t be doing. Am I really that bad?

I played the SnG’s like a nit, and when I finally did make a challenge, I got called and let myself get outdrawn instead of putting up a fight. Shit, I can’t even reach the money in an entry level Sit and Go. That’s bad.

Perhaps I’m just asking too much. After all, when I started this, I was a almost complete novice. That’s a year and a half ago, or thereabouts. Before that I played and studied the game, but I guess on a different level. So maybe I’m just not where my bankroll says I can be.

I have to factor that in.

At this point, my challenge has hit the chinese wall. I’m not running well and so I’ve decided to take a radical remedy:

I have recognised that I cannot go through the wall and I cannot go around it. So from now on I’m only playing $5 SnG’s and the occasional microstakes ring game to vary the diet. No beloved heads-up, no MTT’s, no anything else, even if they beg me. That’ll be my ladder over the wall, to round off that metaphor.

I am going to cram in as many as I can over the next 30 days, which hopefully means at least a hundred, then rinse and repeat. Or at least evaluate.

This will be good for two three things:

a) I will hopefully find some traction,
b) My bankroll will get a much needed boost (supposing I still know how to play),
c) I will get smarter about what’s going on.

Also, I need to take my fitness and running serious again. There is definately a correlation between fit and focus, and I’ve been neglecting it for other reasons (totally valid reasons, for the most part).

In 92 days I’m running the classic B.T. half marathon so it’s not a moment too soon, whichever way you look at it.

There will of course be stats and stuff. And the Index will of course be updated along the way, as will the blog.