You better watch out

By the time you read this, we’re done laboring in the kitchen and eating good food, here in Denmark. We’re also done singing and walking hand in hand around the christmas tree, which is tradition over here on Christimas Eve. We’re all done wrapping and then a few hours later unwrapping gifts. In fact, byRead More

Way to go, me!

10 minutes later:“Thank you for your email.Your hand history request is currently being processed.  Please note this could take up to 24 hours to deliver all hands.You may also receive multiple emails, the many billions of hands PokerStars has dealt means there are a number of different databases containing your hand histories.  You will needRead More

Tilty post

I’m not really in a state of blogging. I am, in fact, spewing with rage and tilt after getting busted out of the Sunday Quater Million, when some DONK called with [J5s] and rivered a flush to boot my pocket Kings. “Sorry, I’m mad”, he goes…Mad?! is that reason to ruin my game?! What the f… isRead More

The Ferguson Challenge Review: Year One

I’m going for the money AND for the lesson I’m going to learn. The latter is valid no matter which level I play. Joxum, september 21, 2007 —By midnight here in Denmark, my roll stands at 1.890 points plus change. On one hand I wish I had made the 2K mark I’d set for tonight.Read More

Scotty Nguyen says

You know baby all this year, I have overcome everything, bad beat, running bad, whatever it is. When you chose to become a poker player, you have to overcome it. You can’t keep it inside of you. You have to think positive, and about the next event and what you will do next. WSOP QRead More

Re: Never flat call with Aces

Now, “Never” is a problematic word in Poker. If you never take a certain action, you become predictable, and end up sawing into the tree branch that you’re sitting on. My second argument for the evening: Villain makes a standard raise from the button. It’s either a steal or a value raise. We don’t know.Read More

Quake Relaunch (no poker today, sorry)

I was eagerly awaiting the next installment of “From Busto to Robusto”, which was to go live the other day. Then it turns out they only did a sneak preview on the 14th. If you missed that, you just have to wait another two weeks until the 28th. All I could say was: Suck my nads OhRead More

Now is a good time anyway

Come tomorrow, I’ll be starting a new project. It’s huge, starting at two months of work but will probably end up three. The income will be about a quarter of a years income – “when times were good”money. There’s also a huge amount of post project consulting involved. So this is no small job, andRead More

Not dead yet, just smell funky

Hi all, I’ve been awfully quiet lately. Apart from dropping the odd comment here and there, I haven’t had much to report. So I thought I’d drop in and let ya’ll know that things are going very well, pokerwise. Tonight was in fact a particularly fine night, despite the fact that I have a cold,Read More

Neda and why you should care

I’m sure you all know this image and the story behind it. If you don’t, you really ought to: On June 16, 1976, south african students began an uprising in the township of Soweto, against the racist apartheid education system that forced them to speak afrikaans only in the classrooms. In apartheid South Africa, afrikaans and englishRead More